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"Hello, Friend!"

My name is Yvonne Stothers.


I am a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor.


I am the proud owner of Hype Fitness in Gravenhurst, Ontario!

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About Yvonne

Yvonne has a fiery passion for teaching others to live a healthy lifestyle, and truly loves helping her clients enjoy implementing fitness into their daily schedules. Fitness has brought her to such a positive place in her life, she wants to use her skills, certifications and love for fitness to help others set goals on their own personal fitness journey.


Yvonne loves seeing her clients transform their lives by providing an experience that will bring true joy, confidence, and strength. Knowing how hard it can be to start a new routine or to change old habits, Yvonne want to be there to help those who want to change and fulfill an active healthy lifestyle.


Yvonne is certified in cardio training, strength training, core training, weightlifting, older adult classes, dance, barre fitness and more to tailor your fitness goals. She brings an upbeat and encouraging environment in her classes, and always brings the energy and enthusiasm every day! 


"My mission is to give the gift of enjoyable fitness to all.

Hype Fitness is my home, I hope to see you there!"

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